Hello, I'm Oriol Nebot

product designer


My Principles

Empathy-fueled design, crafting impactful experiences for users' lives.

My design philosophy focuses on purpose-driven experiences that meet real needs achieved through empathy-driven decisions. By immersing myself in the user’s world, I create unforgettable journeys through meaningful interactions.

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My journey

Relevant experience

May 2023 - Present

Design and improvement of flows, features and design systems of the corporate and retail applications of the main banks in Saudi Arabia

Apr 2022 - Feb 2023

Design of new functionalities and features for German fashion e-commerce companies and improvement and optimization of their design systems

Apr 2022 - Set 2022

Responsible for the design and development of the main product as well as the corporate identity of the saas b2b start-up.

Feb 2022 - Apr 2022

Building staff and client portals that increase productivity, communication, and engagement, as well as automation and management of tasks

Feb 2021 - Sept 2021

Project management, UX research, graphic design, company to client communication and ideation sessions and user journeys guidance for multiple industrial design projects.

Since Nov 2020

Web, brand and experience design projects for different companies and freelancers in various sectors like law, psychology, arts, wine and elderly care.

What I'm the best at

Professional Skills

Design Systems

Developing and maintaining pixel-perfect, atomic-designed Design Systems to ensure design project consistency, efficiency, and scalability.

Responsive Design

Designing for various devices and screen sizes to ensure consistency and usability across platforms.

User-Centered Design

Placing the needs, preferences, and behaviors of users at the forefront of the design process, while keeping in mind the resources and scope of the project.

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